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Show Mechanics



The FFPI will implement the POINT SYSTEM

For an entry/cat to earn points, it must compete in the OPEN CLASS, meaning, the cat should be 8 months and above during the show date. 

In the Open Class, a cat competes only with other cats of the same breed, sex, and color.  Thus, if it is the sole entry, it automatically wins by default. 

In extreme cases, points can be withheld depending on the judge.  For your enlightenment, the blue ribbon attached to the cages of selected entries means that cat had earned 10 pts.  It will also earn additional 1 point for every cat that it will beat.  So, the more competitors, the more points it will gather in one championship event. 

Best in Breed and Special Awards will not have any bearing in point accumulation.  Please take note: ONLY “The Best cat in Show” in an event will be awarded additional 10 pts.  This system will apply to both Pedigreed and Non Pedigreed Division. I must make clear though that the only distinction between the two is the title when they get to accumulate 35 pts

For Pedigreed Cats, it will be called Philippine Champion.  For the Altered Pedigreed cats, it will be called Premier Cat

For the Non Pedigreed Cats, it will be called Philippine Gold Cat.  For the Altered Non Pedigreed Cats, it will be called Gold “A” Cat

Any excess points after earning these titles will be dropped off as they start anew towards the 2nd level.  Titles for the 2nd level are Grand Champion for Pedigreed cats, Grand Premier for Altered Pedigreed cats, Platinum Cat for Non Pedigreed cats and Platinum “A” Cat for Altered Non Pedigreed cats.

          As for the Kitten Class, entries will just be ranked in their respective division.  No points will be awarded.  They are eligible though to compete in Special Awards and Major Awards.