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Scratch Post

Vol. No. 1, Issue No. 1

July 28, 20044

Author: January Isaac-Alvarez



It was a weekend at my parents place at Moonwalk Paranaque, my husband, Pat and I went to visit them.  We were on our way to our vehicle when a tiny creature came out from the bushes across the street.  It was a gray tabby kitten dragging her hind leg, her whiskers were all broken as though some foul play had come upon her.  She was wailing, starving and cold.  She had climbed on top of our friend's shoe but he had put her aside as though she were some hideous thing.  My heart sank to the ground, I knew I couldn't take her home to the rest of our healthy Persians waiting at home. We headed straight to our vehicle so as to keep us from further pity.  That night I cried in my sleep.
A week passed and I had forgotten about the poor kitten, I got a text from my younger sister, Billie, and she had told me how she had adopted a gray tabby.  She had taken in the kitten with the broken leg!  I was elated.  She took Mikala to the vet nearby and the kitten looked so much better from when I last saw her.  I would go and send vitamins and kitten food to ensure Mikala's nutrition.  After three months Billie gave her to me as a birthday gift.  She knew I had become fond of her and Mikala is the best gift I got that year.  Now Mikala is on her first year and she will be giving birth to her babies on her birthday!!!  Thank God she is well and happy as we are happy to keep her as one of the members of our family!





We were on our way home, my husband and I, and three block from our destination we came across a kitten in the center of the street. It will rain hard soon and the poor kitten will be washed into the sewers or be ran over by other vehicles or worse, be cruelly played with by kids on the streets. We stopped and I ran out to pick it up.  She had just opened her eyes from birth and she was crying so loudly.  I gave her some milk, she wouldn't take it from a bowl so I had to force feed her until I got to the vet the next day.  I got a kitty milk bottle and fed her thourgh it.  I was so glad she drank with ease by sucking on it. In two weeks she had doubled her weight!!  After a month she learned to eat solid food and bid her bottle farewell too soon.  I gave her a tiny litter box made of my old souvenir box and she learned to use it fast.  I'm so proud of her by learning things fast.  I had no problems taking care of these street cats because of their will to survive.  Chloe, as I named her, no longer cries for my attention too much.  She loves her new playmate, Achilles, our 2month old Bengal Kitten.  They love to wrestle and race around the house...which is theirs anyways. 

No matter how dishevelled things get around the house, my husband and I sigh with delight because our feline babies give us the joy that is priceless.*